Thank You!! for the September 23rd CPR Awareness Event

Despite the rain, we had a successful training event at the Greenbelt Farmers Market on Sunday, September 23rd. After having a booth at the weekly market twice this summer showcasing CPR awareness and then having a training at the community center, HANA of Maryland was asked to provide the training in the open market. In so doing, we made much of the community aware of the current basics of hands-only CPR – a must for every home.

We hope to have our free CPR Awareness initiative reduce cost barriers, increase interest and change communities to learn the basics of CPR and Automatic External Defibrillators!

I just want to take some time out to thank all participants who made the day’s CPR event a success! To those who setup, provided food and water, and everyone who volunteered their time and efforts, THANK YOU! I want to especially thank and give kudos to Sibley Memorial Hospital for sponsoring the CPR equipment. Together we made a difference in the community and in the training of medical students from the Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program (CMMP) who I’m sure will go on to do great things!!

On average, those who stopped by our booth were trained in CPR 10 or more years ago and seemed to value the information we shared. One Greenbelter commented that she was “grateful that HANA of Maryland offered CPR basics.”  At the same time, she was thankful she hasn’t had to use it. The highlight of the day was teaching 7 and 10 year old sisters basic CPR.

We are looking forward to sharing this information to the public again. Everyone should know how to use an AED and what to do to possibly save someone’s life!

Dr. Gettie Audain
President, HANA of Maryland

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